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Cheryl has been a massage therapist in full time practice in Newburyport since 1994. She brings 20 years of professional dance knowledge, movement analysis, injury rehabilitation training and an innate sense of the body and it's function to her massage therapy practice. In addition to her massage training, she holds a certificate in Movement Analysis and Psychotherapy from Debra McCall's school In New York City as well as a B.A in humanities with a concentration in dance from Bradford College.

She is best known for deep tissue massage work, but her massage technique also includes myofacial release, A.R.T (Active Release Technique), Swedish massage, relaxation therapy, pre and post natal therapy, reflexology and therapeutic use of essential oils. In addition to treating her own clients, she was a member of the Wellness Center team until the practice closed in 2012. Cheryl worked with Dr. Thomas McFadden D.C and Dr. Mariska Visser D.C. as an integral contributor to the healing process for many of the Wellness Center patients. She brings sensitivity to injury and it's associated emotional imprinting as well as timing for recovery. She holds a deep belief that each and every body will seek it's own highest level of expression. Her goal as a bodyworker is to help her clients discover their body's unique needs and to customize a treatment that supports their journey toward wellness. Cheryl welcomes clients of all ages.

Member of The Hands On Trade Association

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